As the Owner of "I AM Worth It" store, I know what it's like to feel unworthy. Growing up I felt like I was not enough. As a child I struggled trying to fit in. As an adult I struggled trying to find love.


In 2007, two days after my divorce was final my ex-husband broke into my home and stabbed  me multiple times and he made my kids stand there and watch. He told the kids "stand there and watch me kill your mother." I heard Gods voice say "Not today, you will die, not like this." I  know I am alive today to do something positive, to make an impact and a difference. That was not the end.

Today, I have three beautiful children. I have a Masters Degree in Business. I am an Author, and a Business Owner. 


So many people struggle with self- worth and self- love. I know my purpose in life is to give hope to the hopeless, and provide inspiration to all. We are all worth it. We just have to believe it. We all have been through something in life. Your Story may not be like my story, but we all have a story. We are all worth living our best life! This shirt is my walking affirmation. Every time I wear this shirt it reminds me that I am worth whatever it is I BELIEVE.